Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Need to sign a large number of documents? Automate your bulk signing!


When I visit offices or colleges or banks I always notice the amount of paper lying around on desks and filed away in cabinets. Given that we, at Truecopy Credentials (www.truecopy.in) are on a mission to help organizations go paperless, naturally my attention always turns to paper documents. I wonder how painfully time consuming it must be to get so many documents printed, signed, posted/emailed and filed away for future reference; that too on a daily basis!



The Need

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a desk that is free of clutter?


Wouldn’t it be lovely to have all that time spent of handling and signing paper added back to your life so you can spend it on something more meaningful?


Wouldn’t it be useful to store documents in a central repository from where they can be searched and accessed easily, anytime and from anywhere?


Wouldn’t it be less painful to literally not have to sign hundred and thousands of documents?


What you need is a reliable and scalable bulk PDF signer software. TRUESigner digital signing solution comes to the rescue.


What does TRUESigner bring to you?

To put it simply, it fulfills every need above. It totally automates signing in bulk. No matter from where your documents are generated - MIS or CRM or ERP or legacy systems or manually TRUESigner can help you automate signing. Whether you are looking for signing files on your desktop/laptop/smartphone or a bulk PDF signer software online, you are covered.


You can integrate APIs or simply setup the input/output folder interface. All you need to do is save the PDFs to be signed in the input folder; that’s it. TRUESigner will automatically sign them all and place them in the output folder. You have the flexibility of defining the signature placement on desired pages. You can also benefit from the unique anchor feature where the signature is automatically placed at the pre-defined anchor, for ex - “Authorized Signatory”.


Signatures can be done using USB tokens (they are also called as dongles), or with signature certificates placed in Hardware Security Module (HSM) or you can use electronic signatures too. These are all legally valid alternatives.


TRUESigner suite of digital signing solutions support DSC signing for Windows as well as Linux and Unix operating systems.


Who will find the bulk PDF signer software software useful?


1.     Human Resources department is perhaps the largest consumer of paper in the corporate setting. They can automate bulk signing of offer letters, increment and promotion letters, employment agreements etc using TRUESigner. It supports bulk distribution of documents like Form 16 and Org policies among all employees in one go for acceptance or counter signing.


2.     In colleges and universities, transcripts, mark sheets, degree certificates, rank certificates and admit cards are generated in large numbers. TRUESigner can automate signing of these documents.


3.     Bank processes also involve a large number of documents that includes client communication, term deposit receipts, investment documents as well as internal approvals. TRUESigner helps banks and other Finserv companies to go completely paperless.


4.     Insurance companies can well benefit from the bulk signing capability to sign and distribute policies.


5.     Clinical and Analytical laboratories can bulk sign and distribute reports.


No brainer, right? These are only a few examples. Just think about your business. Are you printing and signing paper? Are you doing this over and over again? Do you wish you had a better way of doing this? If your answer is yes, then TRUESigner is for you. Visit www.truecopy.in to know more about our solutions and how they can help you.






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